Tool Desc Mac OS X Memory Analysis Toolkit
Using Env 10.6-9(Snow Leopard ~ Mavericks); 32/64-bit kernel input: *.mem (osxpmem or virtualmachine raw memory file), *.mmr (Mac Memory Reader, flattened x86)
Contact rapfer@gmail.com
License GPL Version 2
Source code Volafox is open source project. site: http://code.google.com/p/volafox
Download Volafox(0.9)
Hash(SHA1) 1383c667c7d2e65387aa48875466f3a7d40a2b76


- volafox a.k.a 'Memory Analyzer for Mac OS X' is developed on python 2.5

- volafox is memory forensics tool for gathering system information and finding rootkit. it need to get two image.

  • kernel image('mach_kernel')
  • Memory Image(firewire, '/dev/mem' or any other operation to dump physical memory.)
  • Information

    - Machine Information - Darwin Kernel Version, CPU, Physical Memory, etc

    - Mounted Filesystem - Like command 'df', you can show mounted device information.

    - Process List - Volafox show process list at time on Imaging Physical Memory.

    - KEXT information/dump - volafox show kext information, and dump kext in memory image.

    - System call list/hooking detection - volafox analysis kernel symbol, and find system call table. In Additional, it can detect system call hooking using writer's techinique.