LNK File Parser

Tool Desc Parse lnk files and reporting
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Lnk File Parser

Lnk-Parser is the tool developed by the academic research center, DFRC.
You can choose a shortcut file, or a folder where link files exist.
If you click the "Recent" button, Lnk-Parser analyzes the recently accessed lnk files existing in the system where you execute this tool.
It shows a lot of information: MachineID, FileName, FilePath, FileSize, InkCreationTime, InkAccessTime, InkWriteTime, TargetCreationTime, TargetAccessTime, TargetWriteTime, DriveType, VolumeLabel, DriveSerialNumber, MAC Address.
You can also check the total count of lnk files that Lnk-Parser analyzes.
It is provided as GUI, and you can freely increase or reduce the frame size.
It provides sorting function, so if you click a column, you can see all columns are sorted based on the clicked column.