About Digital Forensic Research Center

The Digital Forensic Research Center ("DFRC") of Korea University was launched as the very first domestic digital forensics laboratory under Professor Sang Jin Lee's leadership in 2003. Our laboratory has been working on the effective and legitimate way of collecting and analysing digital evidence related to computer crimes and incident response. We also do research on techniques and procedures for submitting the digital evidence to the court. We have been focusing on developing one integrated management system as well as the computer forensic tools suitable for Korea specific needs. Further, we are leading domestic research for the domestic digital forensics to be standardized and suitable to the international forensic community levels.

With our constant efforts on digital forensic fields, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was made between DFRC and the cyber division of Korean National Police Agency (KNPA), operated within the Agency investigation Bureau, in 2004 for interchanging studies and technical supports with regards to "Center for Digital Evidence Analysis". In 2007, the guidelines for the investigation of digital forensics as well as mobile phones specifically designed for Korean environment were co-produced by DFRC and Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). These guidelines were adopted by Telecommunications and Technology Association (TTA) in Korea, which upgraded DFRC's image as one of the leading digital forensics technologies in Korea.

Our research areas include studies on procedures in digital crime investigation, technologies of digital evidence's collection and analysis, mobile forensics as well as accounting forensics and many others. One major objective of our research center is to turn our researches to be one of the forensic experts and most of our graduates were hired by the related research institutes and industries after their studies at DFRC. They continue to do the researches by doing the actual work-site operations at the institutions and corporations such as national research centers, national legal institutes, law firms and accounting firms.