Mac Marshal Forensic Edition

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[그림 1] Mac Marshal Forensic Edition 실행 화면

Mac Marshal Forensic Edition은 Mac OSX 통합포렌식 도구로써 Mac 환경과 Windows 환경에서 동작하며 하드웨어 방식으로 동작하는 Field Edition이 있다. 운영체제 지원은 Mac OSX 10.4 이상, Windows XP이상의 운영체제를 지원하며 Windows 버전 사용 시 수집에 따른 기능제한이 존재한다. 대표기능은 아래와 같다.

  • Analyzes Mac OS X and dual-boot disk and partition images in multiple formats
  • Analyzes configuration and log files from OS X applications, such as Apple Mail, Safari, iChat, Quick Time Player, and Address Book
  • Automatically gathers comprehensive machine usage information
  • Automatically detects and provides analysis of FileVault-encrypted user directories
  • Automatically detects VMware, VirtualBox and Parallels virtual machines
  • Lists detailed information about every iPod and iPhone that has been connected to the machine
  • Provides rapid searching of Spotlight file metadata
  • Supports dd, EnCase, FTK, AFF, and Apple disk images
  • Maintains a detailed audit trail and generates detailed reports in HTML, PDF, RTF and tab-separated value formats